Android will overtake iOS in app revenues for the first time this year: App Annie

App Annie says that worldwide app downloads will surpass 352 billion in 2021 with consumer spending across all platforms

Android will overtake iOS in terms of app revenues this year. Mobile app analytics firm App Annie says that consumer spending on Google Play and other third-party Android stores combined is set to overtake iOS for the first time this year. Its important to note that Google Play on its own is not beating App Store’s revenue and the App Store will remain the leading app provider for the next five years. In Q1 earnings, Apple’s services revenue came in at $7.17 billion and its CEO Tim Cook claimed that “there was record activity on the App Store.” App Annie estimates App Store to generate more than $60 billion in gross revenue by 2021.

“The iOS App Store is projected to remain the single most lucrative app store through the forecast period, generating more than $60 billion in gross consumer spend in 2021. However, the combined consumer spend on Google Play and third-party Android stores is expected to overtake it in 2017 thanks to their dominant smart device market share and strong installed base growth,” App Annie said in its press release.

The App Store’s revenue for 2016 came in at $34 billion while Google Play managed around $17 billion. The third-party Android App stores recorded $10 billion in revenue and App Annie predicts that their revenues will grow to $20 billion in 2017. Third party Android stores includes offering from Amazon, China’s Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi and others. App Annie notes that third-party Android stores’ growth is primarily driven by the platform’s growth in China and other emerging markets. The report also states that US, China, India, Brazil and Indonesia accounted for 54 percent of app downloads last year and this is expected to remain the same through 2021. Worldwide app downloads are expected to surpass 352 billion in 2021 with consumer spending across all platforms poised to reach $139 billion.

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